Monday, November 17th, 2014


Talking to family and friends about the truth that I pray (certainly in my own way with my own ambivalence) is almost always awkward.

Sometimes there is a sudden silence like on a blind date. ” Whoa. This is awkward. How do we get off this topic gracefully?  Where is irreverent Joyce?
How do I tell her what a waste of time this book is.  She should be writing about leadership. Oh good. We’ll just skip over the topic. Polite interest should do it. Whew.”

Well it is odd. Then again I am at the point where one reconciles the various parts of oneself and life.  And I have always been a closet pray–er. Just give me a crisis and I’m in. Give me too much anguish and I’m gonna pray.
One prayer leads to another and suddenly there is a prayer practice. And slowly, not suddenly, it becomes different from a pain reliever.  More a joy seeking. 

Oh dear. Why don’t I just shut up and get this book published so i can go on to 
one on leadership.  I have decided to begin to put the book (page by page) on Facebook on the I PRAY ANYWAY page–just like you put a seedling out to harden. I think maybe I’m the seedling.


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