Monday, January 18th, 2016


My book I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions For the Ambivalent is now available on Amazon as a paperback book and on Kindle. There are two different covers.

Both involve a red cup and coffee stains. I’ve had people ask me what on earth the cover has to do with the inside of the book and others that know immediately. I instinctively wanted to have coffee stains. Why? I always pray (my way) with a cup of hot coffee by my side. It is my centering device, my cup of hope, my chalice. Warm, welcoming, habitual and RED.  Red is my comfort color, warm, fun, energetic, and powerful.  My books and bed side table are covered with variations of coffee stains. I spill, I jolt, I slop. I like the designs of the stains. My life is real and raggedy and full of stains as I live and search and live and love and live and enjoy and live and cry and live and get mad and live and feel awful and live and am grateful!  See what I mean—kind of a beautiful design and mess all at the same time.

So now you know. Not Olympic rings, not wedding rings, not the Q in The Quran, not a Zen design. Then again, why not?  


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