Sunday, May 28th, 2017


I’m doing a kind of virtual Snoopy happy dance.
Here’s why:
I love when someone reads my book and is struck by one of the reflections.
AND I love it when they let me know what the impact was AND then let me post it here AND the author happens to me my adult nephew. Good and good and good.

Here is the reflection and his comments:


Theological purity causes so many ills
Do you know

How many religious hairs can be split
In how many books

Over how many centuries?
Which came first?
Prayer or theology?

Experience or concept?

I honestly felt I could have no prayer life

Until I knew what was ‘true’

Thought C.S. Lewis could tell me

Or Thomas Merton

Maybe ancient mystics had the key

No such luck

Sometimes you just have to dive in

Here is my nephew’s response:
—Randomly flipping through your book today, the words “Theological Purity” jumped out at me. Yes, I am praying, yes I am back in church, yes, my spiritual hunger has been rekindled, but my theological views are certainly not what many would consider pure.

I believe in…Something. There is something greater than ourselves in the universe. Is that the Abrahamic God, or the Native American Great Spirit, or the Wiccan Earth Mother, or the God of Sikhism, or an even less definable energy as viewed by some mystic traditions? Why can’t there be some degree of truth in various belief systems?

I fall back on Christianity because it is what I know and am most familiar with but…

I believe that theological purity is a byproduct of avoiding theological certainty—

Hey you readers!!!
Do the same.
I will soooo happy dance and post me doing it on Facebook.
Do I mean that?


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