Monday, April 11th, 2016


Here’s what excites me about those of us who are praying anyway, not with skeptical doubt but with a sense of adventure that something new is coming.
I see the smattering of the topic (which I’m still not sure how to name)
in different venues all of the time showing the growing interest and growing numbers of the spiritually oriented but non-affiliated—the “nones”.  What a name! 
I am surprised by readers of my book who ARE affiliated with a church or religious institution but who are bothered by not being able to jump in with both feet to the professions of faith that they take with a grain of salt or a cosmic shrug. It feels awkward and false in a situation where one wants to ring as true as possible.  Perhaps it is an issue of too much intellectual honesty when faith is not of the brain. Frankly, thinking and feelings are not in opposition to faith. The divine is a totally different realm. 

SO I am affiliated.  I have found a place that is my spiritual home base. I mention it in my book. I am a member of The Green Memorial AME Zion church of Portland Maine.  I search and explore and question and enjoy being grounded in one place that I trust. I trust the people and the Pastor AND I trust their faith and so can explore mine with honesty. 


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