Monday, February 20th, 2017


I sometimes wonder why I am sharing a book about what I don’t know.
Even when I try to classify it for sale, it gets weird.
If I would classify it as ‘Happy Agnostic or Atheist’ it would probably sell well
If I could call it Christian, the market would be very big. 

I was at Portland’s Art Museum today (celebrating 33 years of marriage) and went to the book store there. I began to talk to the woman at the counter and told her the title of my book.
People usually glaze over until they hear the word ‘ambivalent’ and then they light up.
Well this woman did and said “Oh good, a book for us. We are the in-betweens.” And she took down information about how to buy the book on Amazon.

When I got home I checked Amazon to see if the new version of the book was being shown.  I saw that Amazon was selling used books of mine when I haven’t sold enough for their to be used books!! So I Googled it and found a review that was encouraging about 
the book and the sharing of my ups and downs and hope.   

We in the middle are not nuts. In fact we need more middle in general. More Middle Class,
 more middle of the road opinions, more of the Middle Path as they say in Buddhism.  Hooray for us.

Unpublished Reflection #?

How odd to be a sure voice
Of not knowing
My public uncertainty comforts
In this time
Of the absolutely sure
Strident rigid knowing

Doubt is
Like the center of calm
In a perfect storm


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