Monday, May 23rd, 2016


I am having a ball talking with people about the ideas in my book.
It is so true that the readers makes the book their own, reading with a very personal filter.

I’ve been giving out advanced copies (meaning I intend to do some changes to make the final book work well with my new web-site to come–cosmetics really)
to rather random people like my dental receptionist  my mail deliverer, and a neighbor.  

My neighbor circled back the next day to say he loved the “Amen”. I had no idea he was spiritually hungry with no place or home base for it. More discussion to come. The receptionist looked up as I left to say, “I love 103 and 23!” 

Some people feel sorry for me for having a hard life! Never entered my mind. Others say I’m too hard on my self. Never entered my mind. (I will write about that next week)  Then again, I’m not writing from my mind. I’m writing from my soul.  

I’m discovering the gift of having readers. You make the book very alive and organic. You teach me what I don’t know. You stimulate new ideas. And you lead me to gratitude which is the easiest way to enter prayer space. 
Thank you.


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