Monday, May 12th, 2014


I am curious about prayer.
And I pray. 

I have no grand theological surety or answers.
I have my own experience.
And I read and read and read about religions and the sacred and that”kind of stuff”.  I am hungry and feed myself on every spiritual food available.

I have been reading about prayer. 
You pray it, there’s a name for it.
Simple Prayer
Ordinary Prayer
Contemplative Prayer
Intercessory Prayer 
Unceasing Prayer
Petitionary Prayer

There are as many kinds of named prayers as there are names for “God”

Like usual, I dove into the topic til I emerged glutted and confused.
So once again, back to my own experience.

Prayer to me is a place I go.
I use silence and readings to take me there.
It is not meditative emptiness.
It is my home base.
When I “arrive”, there is peace and contentment even when my life is a mess.
There is a sense of timelessness.
I feel re-aligned.  Truer to myself.
That’s all.
Prayer is a place I go to.


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