Sunday, June 12th, 2016


My husband and I are visiting our west coast kids–Seattle, Portland, and Santa Cruz. We talk about everything while we are eating everything. So we talk about 
I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent.

My daughter-in-law read the book in one sitting. I asked ‘why?’  She said because it felt in such real time and she could eaved drop on someone’s thoughts as that someone wrestled with the dilemmas of religion today.
We talked about the dilution of church going and how it happened. We both had church going parents and we went too until about the age of 16 when it dwindled, somewhat for our parents and severely for us.

My daughter-in-law is a superb cook and, yes, foodie.  She and my son were recently in Hawaii and we were looking at photos. Her were all plates of food. No sign of Hawaii vistas.  She works as a fund raiser for TILTH an organization in Seattle dedicated to guarding natural resources and creating an equitable and healthy local food economy.  

She was cooking dinner and definitely in a creative zone. She looked-up at me and said, “This is my church.”  She went on to talk about her reverence for the earth and the glory of good food and honoring the process of earth to mouth by using it well. This was not a glib moment. It was serious and intimate and profound.

Where is your church???


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