Monday, October 27th, 2014


People have asked me why I pray– anyway.
Here’s my response:

To avoid being a hypocrite
I default to prayer in bad time
So how can I not pray in good times
Every day times?

My experience of everyday–ish prayer is good
I do get aligned with a transcendent place of peace
I do get a sense guidance 
I do experience  joy even when life is not good
I do become grateful for this life, now, as it is.

Sometimes I don’t know what else to do
The world seems insane
People I love hurt
Real tragedy does occur

I prefer the stance of belief
We have been overly rational in recent centuries
Science is showing the reality of the intangible
The study of energetics will reveal the power of thought/faith

I am happier about my life
I keep my eye on the divine, not on my daily outcomes
I have a sense of adventure about the story arc of my life
I carry more hopefulness
I feel truer to me

That’s Why I Pray—-Anyway


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