Monday, July 21st, 2014


My basic premise for I pray anyway is that I’m not waiting anymore to get the ultimate truth or theological perfection before I pray.  I need to pray, I enjoy praying and it is an optimistic action. It’s me saying “yes”.

My husband explores far and wide when it comes to spiritual searching and
possibilities. He basically has always run a senior seminar series for our marriage. Sometimes I moan and groan about a video he selects when i am hungry for shallow!  

So recently we watched a program about life between lives.  Basically, people are hypnotized into a very deep strata between wakefulness and sleep and are taken to a life that was/is the source of an active dynamic in their life now ie. loneliness or a constant physical pain. They go through that life until the death experience.  The participants give very specific data that is later checked out historically–sometimes quite successfully. But, while hypnotized, they talk about where they went in between lives.  

Here is some of what is commonly described:
–They travel quickly up and through many lights–like the milky way a thousand fold stronger.
–They are met by welcoming soul-mates. This is a soul group that is like a home room. They are your ultimate tribe and are a pleasant surprise as to who in your life/lives is one of your soul group. This experience is like a very good family reunion.
–Sometimes there is a time of restoring and healing if the life they have come from was traumatic
–Next they are led to a council of elders both men and women who are old souls. Participants describe a beautiful dome they pass under. The elders are in white robes that are more energy than fabric. They help the recently returned review their lives and see if they are learning what they need to learn. The experience is described as enjoyable and not one bit judgmental. There is one leader but participants were hesitant to say God. It all felt like God.
–Finally the returned soul is given the choice of assuming another life in the physical world or to have some more respite and healing time before another life experience.

These common experience elements came from more that 7000 participants in the hypnosis and life regressions. I think the video name is Flip Side or so says my husband. (I am away on a ladies’ week-end)  Sounds like a silly name to me so I’ll double check when home to be sure. 

Food for thought. Sounds kind of nice.
Now to watch Downton Abbey.


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