Clients  Say

A CEO who worked with Joyce described her as “brilliant.” That is true but she is so much more than can be described in one word.

Joyce is a force to be reckoned with and cannot be ignored. So when her words bruise you, listen up, you are about to grow.

Joyce sees what most of us miss. Yes, she has her blind spots, but they are fewer than anyone I know. Perhaps too trusting.

Joyce is like a thermostat.  She scans the environments and brings the right amount heat or coolness to get things and people moving.

Joyce is generous with her love, time and talent. Some say this is the soft side of Joyce but I beg to differ. It is her strongest and most tenacious gift.

And yes, Joyce is brilliant, and playful, and determined, and the best learning partner I know.

Bob Stapleton, Retired food industry executive, leadership coach and human resource consultant

Brilliant is probably the best word to describe Joyce and her work. She leaves a mark with people she touches through her presence, her words, her questions. Once you’ve “met” Joyce, your life will be different. Her words, in whatever shape or form, will have changed you.

L., Chief Operating Officer, Global Food Retailer