Monday, April 13th, 2015

17 or 71?

Last week a friend asked me two things: “Do you feel old and what was your favorite decade?”

I don’t think much about age at all. I hang-out with people who are younger than I am or much older.  This friend is one of the few age peers I have.
I am seventy-one. Burp, burp. Truth burp. Belch.

Anyway, this is kind of what I said. Yes,”kind of”.  Some thoughts are for best friends only.

I feel old when:
—I realize that soon all my kids will be older than 40! 
—I prepare for holidays in installments rather than pulling an all-nighter after a
day of work
—I have at least one doctor appointment a week
—I am embarrassed to dance in public (only slightly and wine helps immediately)
—I’d rather watch exotic travel on TV than pack to do it (I may be lying here)
—I see college classmate photos at reunions (I assume I look just as much a caricature of themselves as I do)

No, I don’t care much about being 71 because I feel like a teenage who is 17!
That, I don’t like at all:

—I obsess about the opposite sex albeit my husband’s health
—Don’t want to think about the future so it bites me in the backside
—Don’t want any chores and stall about doing them
—Worry about how I look when I go out (I live in fleece and flannel)
—Not sure what my place in the world is 
—Want no consequences for my actions

PS–My favorite decade was my forties!


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