I love to write when I don’t know what I’m going to say. At work as a global executive I would (more than once) blurt out my truth with no filtering. Many times, it generated a more honest discussion. Someone named these spontaneous statements a Joyce ‘truth burp’. I tell my truth in a wide-ranging personal blog never knowing ahead of time what I might write. We all sit on a pile of wisdom that our overly logical rational world represses. The world needs more truth burps. Would love to hear a truth burp of yours.  Please send to (include link) Truth burps can be funny or serious or make no sense at all—yet.


Here is a Truth Burp about me:

—am the mother of five adult children
(which means I am flexible, resourceful and incapable of shock)

—am a retired HR/OD executive
(which means once upon a time I knew how to function)

—am unique, creative and playful
(which means I have enough perspective to have some wisdom)

—live fully in two very different places—Maine and Mexico
(which means I am bi-culturally schizophrenic and like it)

—am serious about life
(which means thank goodness I am funny)

—am married to a marriage counselor and author
(which means thank goodness I am funny)

—surprise myself and others with my truth burps
(which means I start good conversations)

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