Monday, August 18th, 2014


My son and daughter-in-law and new baby (3 months) live in a small apartment complex.  Maybe 12 units. They are friendly with one another but not a group that gathers as a whole to celebrate or party.

In honor of Robin Williams, one neighbor sent out an invitation to join together to watch a Robin Williams movie outside. They set  up on top of the concrete flat roof garages and projected the film on the side of the building. They voted for Good Will Hunting to watch. People came with their pillows and chairs, some in pajamas.  Four couples came carrying baby monitors. A cozy, easy, flannel lined, coming close to celebrate Robin.

So, dear soul Robin, see this kind of love for you and of you– connecting people who are not naturally connected to give some happiness and to ease any sorrow for a while.

You knew both happiness and sorrow so well.  Thank you.


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