Sunday, October 23rd, 2016


The Cubs are going to the World Series!! Makes me believe good things can happen even after a long time of not happening. Go Cubbies.

My granddaughter is still curious and puzzled by how a toilet manages to flush.
May she keep that kind of mini-wonder.

There is a tree by the ocean that looks like a giant head of broccoli on its stem but it is an improbable color of deep blood burgundy and pink!! 

I did a reading of my book I PRAY ANYWAY: Devotions for the Ambivalent  and I turned it into a discussion. A random group of people talking about prayer, religion, belief or none, that became sacred because we listened deeply and without judgment to very different strong thoughts and experiences. 

I am taking a class on DREAMS. It is deep, as in Jungian, and satisfying as we share dreams and interpret them for one another knowing it is all  projection but that there are nuggets of wisdom and insight for the dreamer to choose from. The assumption is that dreams are your unconscious knocking at your door to move you to wholeness. How about that?? 

Read about a book I hope to love because it already makes me laugh. Rules for Others to Live By  by Richard Greenberg.
 — Sick of ‘living in the moment’ talk, he says, “I am always in the moment. The moment that I’m in happens to have taken place 50 years ago!”
—  “Mediocrity is, at its best, competent and a little shy. Aren’t these the qualities we look for in a neighbor?”
— Talking about a woman who withdraws from the world. Greenberg writes, ” As her tether loosened her updo rose. Her hair had passed beehive and attained silo.” 

The big world and mine (and yours too is my assumption) are often hard to 
manage, to live in, to maintain hope in. Never underestimate a smattering of good stuff. It keeps the engine going and primes the pump for more.



  1. norma says:

    i wish we lived closer to you so that we could talk face to face (your beautiful face). go cubs!!!

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