Monday, May 2nd, 2016


 What on earth?? I had no idea you could put a photo on a blog!! so much to learn!  So little time!  Talk about burping along.
I had this photo on my desk top and so thought, “What the hell! I’ll drag it over and see what happens.” How fun is this?  Kind of random, but fun! 

So, this photo was taken at a nearby rancho.  Every home and every rancho has its own altar and every one is different.  The tile picture of this altar is of the Virgin of Guadalupe and it says this is to bless “WORK”. Very appropriate. This was a very modest and neatasapin ranch. This rancher has built aqueducts of wood to water his fields. The house is made out of homemade adobe. The house was gracious and cool with arched portico and columns made of hand chipped stone and built with no cement to help.  

Wow!  Orayo (that’s Spanish for ‘wow’)  I call this blog Truth Burp(s) because I never know what’s going to come out on the page. I started with “adios” before I started to mess around with photos, so back to:

Fire crackers at 3 in the morning
Michelados (have you every had one?)
Carrying groceries up about 40 steps
Doing the San Miguel stumble over cobblestone streets, lurching into stores
Haircuts for 7 dollars
Gorditas–big fat corn tortillas with a pocket to stuff with things like tripe
Goofy pizzas with no spice or flavor–but served with hot Mexican sauces
Weddings in the Jardin that I bump into often walking to do errands
Church bells all day long
Bitter limeade with mineral water
Packed buses grinding up the hill to our street, impossible to get off unnoticed
All our Mari neighbors–Mari Luz, Mari Cruz, Mari Paz, Mari Elena, Mari Anna and Pilar and Taylor, Lorena, Patricia, Cristina, Estrella, Juan, Irma, Monce, Alejandro, Geraldo, Jose Luis, Petra, Raquel, Yoko, Efrain, Pablo—our crew in good times and bad for work and celebration and support.


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