Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Aging Well Takes Energy: Balance is What is Needed

Aging Well Takes Energy

Here is a lovely quote about aging well from an email sent to me by my soul pal. Enjoy
growing older or old is more complicated than i realized. i used to think it was a simple given of life. now i realize that aging well or meaningfully takes energy, like staying upright in knee deep ocean water as the undertow of receding waves strains our ability to stay upright. i must generate the incoming motion in my life.
i look more closely at people my age and see significant diversity. those with enthusiasms and passions seem most vital. those without seem to be shrinking and becoming flattened cartoon caricatures of their former selves. i don’t wish to become larger but neither wish to become one dimensional. for some reason the memory of Borden’s “Elsie, the Contented Cow” comes to mind. contentment is an achievement if it is the result of having a purpose and not the voluntary forfeiture of dynamicism. life without purpose seems like just being Elsie, an inert bovine chewing her cud over and over.
the good news is that every morning is a new opportunity to draft, edit and revise; to realize or learn something i haven’t before; to grow as well as to be. perhaps we are all trapeze artists stepping between solidity on a fine wire with a balancing pole. we place one foot intentionally in front of the other while keeping our eyes focused on what is directly ahead and off the ground far below. maintaining our balance, rather than speed or showmanship, is needed.


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