Monday, March 23rd, 2015


I am tired of so many public people making so many apologies.
Finally forced to the wall by public opinion.
It is chronic.
From Brian Williams to Kenye as well as half of Congress on any given day.
Mostly the comments feels fake and so falsely political–vetted by many eyes.
Or they feel sincere but overly contrite, a public humiliation 
I am quite spontaneous and have some words I would like to call back but we, as a people, have gotten soooooo sloppy.
And mean.
And nasty.

People, tighten up!
Do think before you speak.
Do know the minute you stand up to speak, you have gone formal and need prudence.
Do know if you are a public figure you are “on” all the time.

The worst part is what comes out of the mouths that then make the apology necessary. It shows the underbelly of our culture. We are racist. We are sexist. We are violent. We lie. We are vicious. We are crass. We show our worst selves in social media and do it with pride.  

Apologizing is cheap. And a first step, not THE step. After apology comes action,
restitution—action that corrects, that ‘restores things to their original state’.  An apology used to be honorable, infrequent and deeply meaningful. We have cheapened an important process of cleansing and resetting our moral compass.   


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