Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


I have a dear friend who I see regularly.  We share our ups and downs.
But lately we’ve been sharing mostly downs.
And then we feel guilty because we have darned good lives.
I mean, we are not Afghan women.

So, when we are in the middle of a good complaint session, one of us
will laugh and say, “Aren’t we lucky”.  And then we laugh.  It’s both sarcastic and a course corrector.  Then we will list why we are lucky and it gets hysterically funny and then shifts into giving it perspective.

For example, she called when she had two feet of water in her basement
which she found when she returned home at 11 at night. She roused the plumber and he unhappily came. BUT he wouldn’t go into the water til the electricity was turned off and that was in the basement under water. So she called the fire department that came blaring and were hesitant to go in til it was drained. It was a burst pipe so the water was continuing to rise. She asked for a pair of boots to go in herself.  I don’t remember the resolution.  I do remember her phone call of distress and that I listened and the said, “Aren’t we lucky?”

—Aren’t we lucky that there is such a thing as a plumber that got out of bed?
Aren’t we lucky that the firemen were cute?  Aren’t we lucky that ruined stuff clears out clutter? Aren’t we lucky that sleep doesn’t matter? —

Anyway, you get the idea.
AREN’T WE LUCKY?????????????


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  1. Love it Joyce! Nicely said and you made me laugh this morning!

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