Monday, October 1st, 2018

Autumn is a Carnival

My dear friend and pen pal allows me to publish parts of her email to me. I was pondering the first day of fall when my computer pinged. Here is what I wish I could write:
summer last Friday, autumn’s arrival yesterday and today in pants throughout the day for the first time. i do love the easy on and off of shorts and sandals and tan legs but sweatshirts and fleecy pants and thick socks have their own cozy appeal. and autumn has the appeal of diversity after weeks of relentless summer sunshine. now, a breeze springs up for an hour, a brief rain shower, cottage cheese or wispy clouds. something for every taste. liveliness. capriciousness. summer is dour but autumn has a sense of humor.
Maggie comes alive. chasing wild rabbits in the pasture, flat-out sprinting after orchard deer. her thick fur coat no longer a physical burden and liability. i plod along and after a whole-hearted and futile chase, she circles back, her tongue hanging out and as long as her ears and smiling, familiar with our walking route. i congratulate her on yet another failed attempt.
autumn is just a prime season to be outdoors. perennial cone flowers and geraniums and coreopsis and marigolds, asters and mums are in full bloom. pumpkins, as yet uncarved, grace front steps and porches. red and gold Ash leaves lazily drift to the ground and add bling to grass. crows play in the wind, cruising with it and then flapping vigorously against it for one more ride. everything seems more rather than less alive than in summer. autumn is nature’s carnival.


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