Monday, March 18th, 2019

Back When Time Existed

I swear to you, that once upon a time, there was time.Everybody had it.Days were long and afternoons expanded as need There was time to make jello for dinner, Breakfast was leisurelyPeople cleaned their Tupperware cracks with a special gadget.There was time to make a macrame placematHouses were quiet. Phones rang once or twice a day.There was space for everything. One kind of pan, one half a closet was plenty, four mugs, four plates. one bathroomEven bookworms had only one bookshelf. Books got written, companies made money with just one good product, genius occurred with no breathlessness.TV was watched with no sense of “wasting” time because there was plenty left over.People finished all their tasks for the day in a day and slept with no “to do” list floating over their headThey slept in one of their two pairs of pajamas in blankets from a wedding shower long ago.Back when there was time, back when there was time. When enough was enough.  


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