Monday, June 8th, 2015


I have run away from home for a long week-end in Rangeley, Maine at our “camp”. 
This is my third day here and I haven’t left the house.
Now, I did need retreat.
BUT, I am surrounded by extraordinary “nature” that I can literally ENTER by taking 15 steps out of the back door of the house.
At home-home, I can be IN the ocean in ten minutes.
And I forget to do it.
I’m not propelled to be “in” nature. (Do not say this out loud in Maine)
I don’t need to climb it, hike it, camp in it or any other exertion- necessary thing.
Don’t get me wrong. I want it there. I love being surrounded by beauty.
Coffee is best by a stream.
A book is most enjoyable under a huge Virgin forest tree.
Being contemplative is best done on pine needles.
Looking at deer while eating oatmeal is perfection.
I write this sitting under an apple tree in order to have an Internet signal.
It’s not laziness, actually.
I grew up in a steel city–Gary, Indiana. Nature was a pocket backyard.
A Bridal Wreath bush was my wildness.
My adult kids tackle nature, revel in nature, hunger for the wild.
I forget that wildness is there for my taking even while close to it.
Another habit to change.


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