Monday, September 17th, 2018





Breakfast at My House

(Megan, my daughter—Issa, my granddaughter—David, my husband—me)  Guess who said what.

—Great group. We always have great groups

—We made strawberry shortcake

—We have two new kittens but we miss Pumpkin

—Is Facebook still a viable marketing channel?

—Would you rather have grasshopper pie or bumble bee pancakes?

—This coffee is better

—More sprinkles?

—Equal parts sprinkles and yoghurt is the ritual

—I missed you

—How many bananas are there in this house?

—I was up at 4 am

—Healing is simple actually

—When you think with the mind, there are many truths, when you think with the heart, there is only one

—What’s the schedule for today?

—I think Woodward’s book was unnecessary

—NYC people are great

—I got a thank-you letter from the house across the street. I drew their house

—Gluten free strawberry shortcake. Tastes like baby powder

—I’ll email you a marketing question

—Too much marketing, too little substance


—I like sugar bugs

—There will never be a cat like Pumpkin

—Why did he go away

—Speaking of cats, kitty litter time

—Healing Light is a great modern book in 1946 language

—Whose toast is this?

—Do the good-bye dance

—I’m off

—Me too

—To the coal mines

—I love Whistle While You Work

—I can whistle

—I can’t

—I like Whenever I Feel Afraid, I Whistle a Happy Tune

—From what?

—From your mouth

—Out we go

—Don’t let the new kittens out





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