Monday, March 2nd, 2015


I’m joy logged from a birthday celebration for my two year old granddaughter who lives nearby.  She is my everyday grandkid.  My four other grandkids live a think-about-it, pay-for-it, pack-for-it distance away. So, every visit is a grand celebration. Different kind of special.  I, myself an an event. Grandma! For this little one, I am a background, always there, change a diaper, hand-out-a-popsicle Grandma.

So it was fun to take time to be an event Grandma for her. (With just five of us)
Party favors
Special food
No trying to make dinner or write or do laundry while caring for her.

Here’s what made my joy:
—Retro dinner of mac and cheese, sloppy Joe’s, onion soup dip, and pink frosted cupcakes. We all loved the 50’s nature of it.  No calories, no restraint, no food sobbing.

—The favorite gift was a birthday card with a frog that croaked Happy Birthday. This new two year old managed to get all of us on the couch and directed us to sing with her.  She had an elaborate opening count down and a very long vigorous celebratory clapping to end it.  Each time.  Each endless time.  Each one of fifteen or so times.  

—I loved that she played with wooden blocks made by my husband’s great grandfather—worn Maple with a patina from the hands of many generations and cousins. I love that her cupcakes were made in my mother’s muffin tin by my mom’s granddaughter. (That would be my daughter!)

—I loved how she exclaimed and made a big “O” mouth over each and every decoration. I love that she was slow to open any gift and took time to take it in. She took her time and it gave us a sense of right timing.  She is a great appreciator.  

—I love how she joined all of us together in a moment of  joy and harmony generated by her joy.  

May we all be great appreciators who take the time for it and be the first to generate joy.
It is contagious.



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