Sunday, May 17th, 2015


I know so many people who are in trying situations, facing real deal trials of love, health, family, work, money, meaning, conflict and all the other kind of stuff we humans bump seem to have to manage. (I’m talking big trials not the daily irritation kind.) And it’s made me a little curmudgeonly and sour.

I have read many a book on positive thinking, purposeful thinking, manifestations of good thinking and religious thinking that help us chase happiness. Some of the reading is pure ‘pap’ and some are profound.

What I do know from my experience is shifting perspective from the negative to the positive is an essential skill and that gratitude is the vehicle. Usually I’m quite good a joy but today—not so much. So I decided to dig for my joy.

Shovel by shovel:

News of brave new efforts for good of any kind bring me joy and hope.
Please check out that brings new methods to teaching. Double joy that my adult daughter brought me to this news.

Learning something new for the purpose of creating. I’m going to learn Garage Band at the Apple Store so I can produce programs for far away grandchildren.

Thinking about all the wonderful books I have in front of me with cups of coffee to accompany them.

Using my brand new professional quality colored pencils to mess around with a cover for the book I’ve written; I PRAY ANYWAY–Devotions for the Ambivalent.

Reading cookbooks.

Writing–almost anything

New ideas used in a practical way

Remembering people who love me who don’t have to

Looking at a newly planted window box–neat and tidy and ready for growth

Stories from my adult kids about things that please and excite them

Stretching beyond habit and fear to new adventure no matter how minuscule

Breaking my own rules that are restrictive rather than expanding

Stopping when I am finished.

And I am. Joy glimmers. Had to dig today.


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