Monday, April 15th, 2019

Do Not Try This At Home

Do Not Try This at Home

It all started when I began to think  about something my mom made in my childhood

Not her famous potato soup with homemade farmer’s rice/ shrivel

Not Southern fried chicken.

Not perfect pecan crescents, not flaky crust blueberry pie, not angel food cake, not penuche fudge, all from scratch.

Nope. It was canned corned beef hash rolled in Pillsbury crescent roll dough, cut in spirals to bake and topped with a touch of butter and canned mushroom soup.

I suggested a retro dinner.

And so we had Lipton onion soup dip and regular ol’ chips, a bought cheese ball and Ritz crackers.

Then came chicken and broccoli casserole with stuffing cubes on top, followed by a Sloppy Joe casserole made with Manwich. Frozen green peas and red (it’s a flavor) Jello with fruit cocktail in it. 

Dessert was pineapple upside down cake made with a mix.

I should have known when my grocery basket was nothing but boxes and cans.

My daughter and her beau and kids came. Three kids under the age of ten. 

The peas were the hit. I’ll say it again. The peas tasted better than all the rest. Kids dug Jello out from the fruit cocktail and at it!  The cake was too sweet and cloying and kids all hated pineapple and begged for yoghurt bars.

I tossed the leftovers and there were plenty.

I did make the corned beef spirals. They were pathetic and ended up like little logs. 

I had a fun Sunday afternoon putting the food together—nothing that resembled cooking.

Memories are fickle and palates change

Bring on the kale!!


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