Monday, December 29th, 2014


The rhythm of this season goes way beyond any religious significance and beyond even pagan times. I’m talking primal. Can’t you feel the nudging  like a biological instinct?  

Let’s gather. First, gather goodies. Then gather as a tribe. Gather around fire and warmth. Cozy down. Celebrate with relief that the darkest days are over.
Eat too much. Drink too much. Share what you’ve hoarded. 

Then hunker down. Wait again but with the knowledge and hope that you are through the worst. Keep that fire going. Doze. Parse out what you have left from the gathering before. Be still. Save energy. Trust that Spring will come.
Sleep. Let the extra fat melt from you as you sit. Allow yourself to prepare by
doing nothing until the time is right. Until then, effort would be waste. Hibernate. You will know when the time for action has arrived. The light will tell you. Until then, rest.

Doesn’t hibernation sound great? 
Trust your rhythms as you wend your way through the end of the holiday season and into the new year.  Shhhh. Hush. Wait.  


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