Monday, May 13th, 2013


I am content.  Right this minute.  May not last long but here it is.
I have traveled more than 8  hours by car with my daughter and my new granddaughter to a wedding
A wedding with a mix of guests very different from on another in many ways.
But not in the ways that matter.  It was a generous, accepting, warm-hearted bunch that knew that their job was to love and support the bride and groom.

There can be an alchemical by product from this kind of wedding.  I’m here simply to be the wedding nanny and I’ve been exposed to the elements that create–well, happiness.

So I have several smart remarks to make about Mother’s Day.  Comparing it to Valentine’s Day with the same mother lode of obligation that can kill the intention of the day.  I’ll hold these comments.  They’re just clever.  Not true.

I am content.
Don’t ever ever mess with contentment.
Grab it.

I believe I hear a baby cry.  Oh well, I’ve had my moment.
Now comes a different kind of contentment.


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