Sunday, August 4th, 2013


For me, anxiety and excitement live next door to one another.
Very close neighbors on the emotional scale.

Excitement gets me going.
Anxiety holds me back.
But both are full of energy to be used.

Excitement should be listened to.
Anxiety not so much.

Listen to the definitions:
Excitement–a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness
Anxiety–a desire to do something accompanied by unease

One is about feeling and one is about doing.
I always have some idea I’m excited about at the feeling level.
Doing is where the anxiety kicks in with it’s unease.
Then again, excitement is not exactly long term comfortable.

Soooooo–how do I say this nicely?
Screw unease.
Don’t let it win
It means you want to get something done.
AND if your going to have to manage being uneasy, then do something excitingly big enough or important enough or meaningful enough.

I had a client who wanted to make a big geographic and professional move.
She dreamed it, planned it and then said, “Now I have to go to lots of therapy so I’m not afraid to do this thing.”  I looked at her and said, “What’s fear got to do with it?”  She was stunned.  Thought she had to get rid of fear before she acted.  She got it.  She made her move and created exactly what she envisioned.  To the nth degree.  Beyond bizarre.

Trust me, I am talking to myself.
Thanks, anxiety for making me want to “do”.

a desire to do something accompanies by unease
a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness


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