Monday, October 20th, 2014


Do you remember certain friendships that were like falling in love.
It’s just so fun and full of kindred spirit with so much to talk about.
And so safe to share absolutely anything.

This is rare friendship and no one can  have many of this kind.
I’ve been blessed with several in my life.
And now a new old one.

I have reconnected with my best friend from Freshman year in college.
All kinds of reasons for the disconnect. None of them good nor dramatic. Just life.  I stumbled on her email, wrote and now we write daily.
In love again!!
I love when life takes “random” out of the equation and makes the exact right thing happen.

And now to brag about her.  She is an exquisite writer although she would hate to have that word used. She is an elegant country farmer philosopher,and a precise word painter. She manages to make daily life lifted through her writing.
Here’s something she sent in response to my complaints about my battle with clutter. 


keeping hope for the kindness of 
Fate and others,
keeping track of mundane pairs: socks
gloves, knitting needles,
keeping my mind supple and my legs 
keeping the ability to respond to 
mystery and beauty,
keeping a sense of gratitude and
awareness of serendipitous privilege,
keeping my balance,
keeping family relationships
keeping only things i truly
need or value,
keeping a clean and tidy house?
not worth keeping.  
Liz Swenson


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