Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016


I think I’ll take some time to say “Happy Birthday” to my husband who turned
81 yesterday and is way younger than he was when I met him and deserves
public celebration.  (This in no way means I give-up all the inherent irritations of being married to a real person who isn’t me—if you know what I mean. If you don’t, some day you WILL. End of disclaimer)

What I celebrate about Don David:

–Vitality  He has it, he likes it in others and he gravitates toward it. And he is at the stage of life where he doesn’t have to tamp it down for duty. 

–Appreciation. He is called the Great Appreciator in our family. Music, food,
buildings, photos, people get rave reviews on the spot as ” best, astounding,
magical, unbelievable, gorgeous”.

–Curiosity. I’m talking about wide ranging unstoppable interest in esoteric anything.  David ranges from crop circles to ancient alien theorists, to new physics to distance healing to Byzantine art.  

–Character.  He has the New England  Cranky Yankee strength of character. He tells his truth, keeps his word, honors commitments and woe to people who offend his sense of justice and fairness. He has a kind of Moses voice that appears out of nowhere to rectify wrong and embarrass his family.

–Passion. Enough said.

–Intellect. He may not remember to buy cat food but this man knows his literature, his philosophy, his history, and his Jazz musicians. He knows his stuff.

–Steadfastness. Once he is in, he is in. He can stay at a task longer than anyone I know. He will keep his word when it is nuts to do it. He puts his stake in the ground and it stays. 

–Knowing no age. He says, “I’m at the age when I should no longer know how old I am.”  And he doesn’t.  Let’s put it this way.  He just bought a bike to ride in our town in Mexico that is all cobblestones and hills. He is engaged in projects that are long range and innovative. He is a constant learner– of Spanish, of social media, and most importantly, about himself.  He is working on being a better person, loving better and living in gratitude not complaint.

Saint David!!! Nope, nope, nope. Let me count the ways he isn’t.  But not today.


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