Monday, October 6th, 2014


I love spontaneity.  Suddenly following an inner impulse.
I know flash mobs are planned but the electricity of surprise for others carries the same energy.  And the not knowing what might or what could happen is the fun.

I feel more alive when I suddenly say, “Yes” let’s–
Play hooky from whatever was planned
Go to the movies on 10 minutes notice
Buy those boots
Call an old friend who may not remember me
Treat my grandson to a HUGE banana split with no fanfare about it
Decide to sequester to read with a] glass of wine (at 10 am) in the morning
Send a box of See’s candy to someone with no card
Yell or growl because I feel like it
Sit at the beach in cold weather acting like it’s not
Go to the Water Park and be the oldest one there

And as far as flash mobs go, I especially love when music and dance create joy on the faces of surly people going about their tasks. Wakes me up. Gives me hope.  We need more random good stuff surprising us.  Crazy gifts.


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