Sunday, September 10th, 2017



—It is another perfect Summer/Fall interface day in Maine. I find it slightly ominous and more poignant than Fall usually is for me. The perfection of light and the reminder of turning leaves that all beauty does indeed pass helps me know why the ominous feeling. There could not have been a more gorgeous Fall than there was on 9/11. I was in the Board room of Hannaford Bros.Co. A group of us was watching the news knowing something big was happening. I way the floating falling bodies like a video game graphic as I grabbed for the CEO’s hand sitting next to me. All roles fell away as we sat in common as humans shocked at what humans can do. Today I watch another Fall day emerge in iconic beauty and it seems obscene or too glorious for the moment when so many people in Southeast US are in a kind of hell. I watch awed by what Mother Nature can do. I am unsettled by the reminder of how fast our personal worlds can change and of the burden of being wide awake to to the gift of normalcy.

—And I have had my four year old granddaughter for most of the week-end. Right now, she is in her crib (that she says she will keep forever because it is cozy) that we call her nest. There is a Frozen sleeping bag covering the top to make a cave and I am privileged to overhear her pretend world. There is a lot going on about vegetables and treats. (What is within surrounds you) I have heard lots of pretend talk this weekend and it is a privilege. She is sweet, kind, stern, a teacher and a friend. Her most common call is, “Hey friend I’ll help you.”  Pretending matters. There is all kinds of neurological and esoteric informationa about the importance of image and visualizing and “faking it til making it” in support of, well, pretending.

—Come on adults. Let’s pretend:

a.You be the President of the world and I’ll be the Mother Nature.

b.Thanks President for getting people to understand how to work with me.

a. It us our honor Mother Nature

b.Sure helps not to have any more wars that kill people and hurt my treasures

a,Yes indeed. That was hard to do. Humans do like to fight

b.Who would have guessed that Peace could be so interesting. What’s the latest great invention?


So, “Hey friends. Let’s pretend a new reality. I’ll help you.”







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