Sunday, April 21st, 2013


My thoughts and feeling just won’t settle.
I know I hate hate.
I know I love the Boston Marathon and all it represents.
I know I was thrilled by the capture of both brothers–thrilled.
I know I want full justice and compassion.  Both
I know I hate hate
I know I don’t want there to be a TV theme song for the Boston Marathon bombing.
I know I don’t want tragedy turned into entertainment.
I know I don’t want Boston itself to matter more than the victims.
I know that there is no full proof security for living–never has been, never will.
I know I don’t want to change our world in the US in order to think we can be perfectly secure.
I know I hate hate
I know I love to see Boston cops loved and honored.
I know I am always touched to see how everyday people are generous, decent and even transcendent.
I know I trust the everyday people of the United States.
I know I hate hate.
Therefore, I choose love.
AND I hate how hard it is to refuse to hate back.
More, I don’t know.


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