Monday, March 30th, 2015


Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as Spring in New England. 
The snow is shrinking and melting like a wicked witch and I, like any good bear, am coming out of hibernation.  I am waking up and I am hungry!!!!

I am hungry for:

~green anything—grass, leaves, herbs, salads, even peas 

~color—bold, clashing, bright. My eyes got used to muting

~growth energy—people and plants making their way one more time to new life

~throwing off layers—clothes, habits, stale thoughts, too muchness

~art—exciting, authentic, unique and fresh

~music—in person, up close, see-the-sweat performances

~movement of all kinds–dancing, walking, chasing grand kids

~refreshment—doing, eating, experiencing, anything new

~carbonation, sizzle, liveliness, 

~laughter—naughty, spontaneous, can’t stop laughter

I am awake and I am hungry!
And you?


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