Monday, August 31st, 2015


January 1st just doesn’t do it for me as a “new” year.  I approach it with a kind of regret orientation or obligation.  “OK, I’m soaked in sugar and glutted with too much stuff and now I’m supposed to get on a major self-improvement program!”  I don’t think so. I’m usually ready for hibernation which is a great form of denial.

Now September 1st is a different story.  From years of back to school ritual, I am ready for a true new year.  Ready for:

–Going into something new, never done before.

–Being with new people (like them or not)

–To learn, to be in an environment that makes me learn and stretch

–To face a few fears (nothing more courageous than a first day Kindergartner)

–To take action and work after a Summer slump–the good kind

–For the support of new books and maybe shoes to highlight the challenge

That’s how a New Year should look and for me it’s September.
Let’s hear it for the life long learners who start a new year whenever they want!!


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