Monday, November 23rd, 2015


A colleague of mine sent me the following link with her comment:
“Not to mince words with the Dalai Lama, but to “Pray for Paris” doesn’t necessarily mean those prayers are asking “God to fix it.” Also, maybe he is too attached to the concept of praying to a being – assuming that that is the only mechanism at play in prayer. The power of the quantum physics of emitting loving and healing prayers for Paris may be one of many important tools towards creating peace.” 

The colleague, Ariette, is my partner in creation for my writing and work. We have labored to get my book I PRAY ANYWAY; Devotions For The Ambivalent out the damn door and into the marketplace. We have discussed and debated every comma and concept of the book together.
We often talk about the goals for the book and my various blogs and it comes down to wanting dialogue and conversation with readers. How appropriate to hear from Ariette as a reader and contributor.

My response:Prayer can take many forms.  Too often it’s the “gimme, fix it, make it right” with a tiny ‘thank you’ to ensure the results.  Not necessarily wrong.  For a great example read Anne Lamott’s HELP, THANKS, WOW.  

I am a prayer explorer so I read and talk about it quite a bit. But what I am sure about  is ONLY my experience.  When I manage to enter a prayer place it is all about peace and deep joy and compassion. It reorients me from irritations and anxiety and meaninglessness so that I can enter the secular with my peace battery full. Meditation is a different animal for me. It does help me see more clearly. It does create calm. It is full or empty. Prayer, is full of peace for me  and a peace generator beyond me.  

I think Dear Dalai and I are in agreement and to pick at differences is exactly what the world does not need.  We need whatever paths take us to peace and compassion and active giving when we feel hate.


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