Monday, December 16th, 2013


Listless–meaning without a list!!!
I have been wanting to write about my philosophy on “lists”.
Of course I have one!

I write lists in order to not have lists.  To protect me from constant pop-up
I so mean this.

List gnats are everywhere.
I have a bunch buzzing over my head right now.
‘Measure back door to see if new fridge can get by it.
Yikes.  Send nephews gift cards.
Talk to designer about new business card.
Call daughter to see about trip for New Year’s.
Write people who live away Christmas cards.
Email Sun Savings (yep-long time ago) friends a “thank you”.’

I’m not going to do those today!!
I don’t do never ending lists.
I am, however, addicted to constant brain dumps.
I put those list gnats down on paper in order to ignore them.

I do have goals for the day. Some are pedestrian and some quite grand.  They all move something forward that I care about. Friendship.  A home that functions.  Creative projects.   Basically I get them done and let the rest go to hell.
That, believe it or not, takes discipline.  I am not happy if I don’t do my goals.
But I am very happy about all I DID NOT do.
It takes real effort to NOT get things done.

 I’ve done my goals for today:
  Read for an hour in bed with coffee
  Made dinner for my traveling daughter to leave at her house for late arrival.
  Prepared for two clients this week.
  Dug out Christmas decorations.
  Wrote blogs. Well, getting there.

Done,done, done, done, done.
For the day.
I’ll check my brain dump tomorrow and see what I want to move forward.
The secret is to have days or hours that are listless.
A mind that can be listless.
That, and a good list gnat repellent.

Is this my neurosis on parade?
How do you get to listless?
How do you manage pesty list gnats?
Tell me I’m not alone in this!


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