Sunday, September 18th, 2016


I have truth burped this odd topic several times to a puzzled and repulsed response. That’s good enough for me to know I’m hitting on somethng.

Here it is:
Death will become a big commodity in the next 25 years.

Death is already a big industry but we are heading out of the church based or funeral home based service for our loved ones when they die.
I’ll pretend I’m talking The United States right now but death is world wide, right? 

My assumptions:
—People die 
—We have to get rid of or make room for bodies
—Church for many doesn’t work for honoring our dead. Too rote or flaccid. Beliefs shifting
—Funeral homes are icky, like motel lobbies.
—Baby Boomers are starting to die and Boomers set the tone and products of many markets
—We are starting to embrace death as a part of life as mysterious as birth is.
—We want to celebrate this passage with joy.
—New rituals are needed. Old ones are not working so well.
There will be competing centers to celebrate the life passage of loved ones.
They will compete on ambiance, service and accommodation of people who come from far away. Service will include chosen death arrangements.
There will be ceremonialists who will design the life celebration/ritual of the person who passed in a very tailored deliberate way—-often before the death of the individual.
—There will be more cremations due to far flung families (and space). The vessels for ashes will become more individualized and expensive. (I intend to be put into sugar bowls for each kid to have in their kitchen. Truly, I do)
—The digital market will have a ball. Messages from 10 years after the passing will appear in Facebook or its morphing equivalent. Virtual participation in dying moments will be common. 
—A new sense of wonder and curiosity will emerge as we get more comfortable with  life passing, morphing, ending, enduring after the body, as we become more comfortable with moving in closer to this grand moment of mystery.

And we do need a new word for ‘death’ and it isn’t ‘passing’.  
Transform? Transformation Centers?  
Now I have become uncomfortable with this Truth Burp and want to slip back into denial. La,la,la,la,la.

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1 thought on “HERE’S AN ODD ONE”

  1. Scott says:

    You are onto something, death is such a bummer or is it…

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