Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Hibernation is Great

Hibernation is great.  I am just crawling out of my post Christmas log now.
Every year I hibernate for the week between Christmas and New Years.
I don’t exactly plan it but the sugar coma from the holidays kind of rolls me into it.
I stay up late and alone.  Staring at tree lights, playing solitaire, reading Swedish mysteries.
I sleep late, often, irritatingly long for my non-hibernating husband.  I don’t return phone calls.  If someone catches me I’m vague.  I am in a dream state.  I do the daily chores but with no sense of time passing.  I lose things and don’t care.  I mess up all appointments that I haven’t cancelled.  I am asleep people!!!  My breathing is slow.  I’ts not necesarily a relaxed or peaceful state.  I’m simply sleeping.  Occasionally I wonder if I’ll ever leave the house.  Or wear anything but flannel.  Pajamas.  And the New Year  is my alarm clock.  I begin to care about people again.  I think of work I want to do.  Projects I want to begin.  I am waking up.  Deeply refreshed.
The whole world needs more hibernation.  Just chill.  Palestine and Israel—take a nap.  Time out.
Congress–grab your blankets, get on your rug, come out when you are cleansed, renewed, your system rested.  Spouses, climb into bed together for a prolonged winter’s night.  Cuddled, in touch.  No demands.  The benefits are wild to think about.  Hibernation is great.  Let’s become a hiber–nation.


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