Monday, May 23rd, 2016


I think books and stuff on aging and death will become even more prevalent than before—maybe even more than diet books!!!  And so the following reflection:

It’s a great time to get old
We boomers rule
Always on trend, setting the trend
We’ll pave the way
To being old
(Not as in getting only older, not Senior, not any other soporific
But as the coolest, most happening thing ever
Watch us, the generation of high self-esteem
Even in diapers!
AND I am a certified book worm.  Before Kindle and iPad I used to travel (frequently) with seven books and only two outfits in my overnight bag.  To hell with the clothes.  I actually get nervous with the idea of how many great books there are to read that I may not get to. I have to know I have a stack of books waiting. This is an addiction, people. Now that I am back from Mexico, I will call the library and order a stack of books and they will arrive and be held for me like a big Birthday bag of goodies.  I will forever thank Benjamin Franklin for the library concept.
Here’s my list of next books:

The Way We Never Were

A Little Life

Our Souls at Night

Did You Ever Have a Family

The Violet Hour

In Montmartre




The Green Roak

A Manual for Cleaning Women

Seven Brief Lessons on Physics



The Life We Bury

Everyone Brave is Forgiven

Someday I’ll share by list of recent books read

PS.  I recently read High Dive and my book buddies didn’t like it and I went nuts for it.  Check it out.  Literally.


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