Monday, December 28th, 2015


Once upon a time, when I was a single mom, I didn’t have a camera and sure as heck couldn’t afford one SOOOOOOOOO I pretended to have one. I would curl my fingers and look through the tunnel they made and say “snap-snap” and that was my photo moment. The kids and I both liked it and it turned into a game for our family at large. I would ask for their snapshots of the day by counting to three and saying “snap” and they would have to share whatever image came into their mind. These “snaps” seem to seal the moment just like a photo.

Here are some of mine from the discombobulated Christmas of 2015:

1-2-3 Here’s an odd one. (Never can tell)  It’s Issa’s cute crossed feet while she sits on the potty chair and I on the edge of the tub as we talk. So relaxed and sweet.

1-2-3 The last glance before bed of Santa stockings on the dining room table
filled and stretched and waiting while all was glimmer and cozy haze. (Knowing chaos would come)

1-2-3 Three kids tumbling in a super large red Target gift bag laughing the kind of laugh before someone gets hurt. (No one did–a Christmas miracle)

1-2-3 Issa following her younger cousin (18 months) around the house reading to her THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD in gibberish obviously being the teacher and elder while Flori toddled furiously away from her lesson.

And to be truthful, I have lots of images of stacked dirty dishes, lost puzzle pieces on the floor, stray socks and random lost pieces of Star Wars toys–the darn red arrows that were lost and found and lost and found and lost and found.

Count to three and share an image. 


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