Monday, April 27th, 2015


I ask this because I have re-connected with a college friend from my Freshman year when we were inseparable. We even managed to be sure that any guys we dated were friends too. We lost track of one another. On-line-ability re-established our connection. 

We have revelled in how much we are still very much the same two women we were in college. We write often and about anything. Including religion.  And we have discovered areas in which we are very very different.  She is a confirmed Atheist and I, a passionate searcher.  I go to action.  She goes to thought. Her life makes sense, is calm, sanity prevails. My life is too full, with many crazy happenings, my own brand of chaotic creativity. Sometimes the differences are profound and sometimes trivial. There may be an awkward moment.

I am blessed with several intimate friendships.  We maneuver through our differences gracefully.  We tend toward full frankness and trust but know when to soft peddle our sharp edged differences. We protect the relationship more than the content of the friendship. We keep the connection of goodwill even if it gets awkward due to a difference. Hurts occur. Comfort always returns. Trust remains. This friendship dance is one that countries and marriages should learn to do.

So, how much difference can a friendship hold?
All that it needs to.


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