Monday, September 28th, 2015


Good ol’ Ben feels like my soul mate. Always has. From my first sixth grade report on him to this morning.

My latest crush is my falling back in love with my library. (Thank you Ben for such a good idea) Yes, people should have access to books and for free.  What a radical important idea for a democracy.  

I have re-discovered the inter-library loan.  I call the library and give them a list of books (up to 15) and they tell me when one appears and I go pick it up.
For free people!!!!  For free.  

I am ecstatic. No need to buy. I save my iPad for travel or the odd book I want to share on Facebook. The library staff laughs (and enjoys) my absolute joy when I pick up books. The last time I picked up books they asked, “Is this still like your Birthday for you?”  Yes, yes and yes.  If I get jaded about free books at my command, available with ease, then all is lost.

I leave extolling America and Ben, for creative energy, for the radical idea of democracy, for big ideas that generate good change, for an insatiable hunger for progress and learning. Yippee.  

Ben was a scoundrel and ready for adventure (and romance too). He drove John Adams nuts with his womanizing and exorbitant book buying when they were in
Europe together.  No wonder I love him.  Let’s hear it for Ben!!  We need this kind of zesty positive energy full of possibilities.  


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