Monday, August 17th, 2015


Please refer to me as Matriarch Joyce. “Thank you dahlings. So kind. So kind”

I have turned a corner into a new stage of life and it deserves a title.
And Matriarch is it. It applies to both home and work.

At my recent family reunion I began to practice it. And at a leadership workshop last week, I did the same.

–I focused on the newest generation, grand kids at home and hi-potential talent at work.  Both needed lessons from experience and a soothing voice that understood (and a break from the demanding of day to day parents and managers.

–I didn’t cook one meal at the family gathering.  At the workshop, I did no preparation but spoke only from my experience.

–I imposed moments of wisdom or learning when I wanted to, stopping proceedings to do so. AND was thanked for it–a clear indicator of Matriarch status.

–I gave perspective to the new generation by sharing history and stories

–I felt a little lazy BUT deserving of it

Maggie Smith, move over.  Or better yet, “Maggie, would you like to pour the tea and laugh at the foibles of the younger generation and gossip behind our fans? We are so much more able to see clearly than those who are living so close-up to the action. One cube or two?”  


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