Saturday, September 23rd, 2017


I’ve been trying to find the right word for a feeling tone I’m stuck in, not too dramatic or vivid and not to understated either. I think I’ve found it. I’m uneasy.

There’s plenty to be uneasy about. You must be too. We have major natural catstrophe’s that will dent the level of civilization, so many that ¬†world resources will be stretched thin. We have barbaric power struggles that can’t unhook because the parties don’t want to. We have wild west politics without restraint and quite frankly, often without a reference to law. We are unsettled as a globe.

Writing that has made my unease, uneasier because today mine is personal. I am off my perch with nowhere to land. I was noodling on this when I realized I am feeling alot like I did my Senior year in college. Something was coming to a definite end. Every event felt poignant and precious because it would never be again. I didn’t know where I would be living the following year–prettey good guesses but nothing solidified.(Turned out I would be in a thatched hut on stilts in the jungle) I was making decisions of great impact part of the time and letting things happen to me the rest of the time because I didn’t want to disrupt the present.

Well here I am in the same situation. My husband is 82. We live in a three story house with a big yard. I know we need to get ready to let it go–ust on the brink of thinking seriously about it. We live half the year in Mexico. Will that be where we end up? All of our spread out kids think they want us close, but that gets complicated real fast. My husband and I both have major writing projects that take up lots of our time with a bucket list that changes regularly.

I’m uneasy. I’m not heading into a big beginning.I know there is finite time. And it will end. I’m heading toward a big ending. I know (we all do at some level) that every day should be well chosen which only makes me hyper aware of any waste of time. I don’t like life to be so precious and fragile. I understand, now, the reaction my parents had in their eighties when i wanted to interview them on video about their lives. We would talk about it and even get the camera out to start ¬†and then we would start to laugh and be goofy and get bored and play Pinocle instead. Being too aware of life is a pain in the ass. Makes all of us uneasy. That’s why I’m heading to cook dinner for my granddaughter and her dad with a game of Sorry to follow. That’ll cure the “incredible lightness of being” that’s made me uneasy all day.




  1. I really get you on this one. I think you have read my blog posts, you get it. I do like your blogs. How creative you are! And brave to have three separate threads of distinct thought. Mine is always just an outpouring of what strikes me. I am trying to write as much as I can, but still have many Ministry responsibilities coupled with physical limitations. I put my book on Kindle. Only 99 cents. You might enjoy!

    1. Joyce says:

      I thought we might be kindred spirits.
      What is the name of your book or did I miss that.
      I remember being 6 years old and reading biographies (with orange covers) and thinking that everybody should have a book for themselves. And now we pretty much can.
      Thanks for reading me

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