Monday, July 1st, 2013


All of my tribe is with us in Maine for the 4th of July week-end.
From California, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts and here in Maine too.

They arrived when my husband and I were still in Indiana attending my brother’s Memorial Service.  So things got started without us.

So getting home carried the odd feeling that I had died too.
Things were getting done in the manner than I would have done.
BUT–not exactly.

AND –here I am tap dancing in my head–I soooo let go.

We rented one house near the beach because even I knew we would hate one another at the end of the week if we tried this under one roof.  (16 of us)

All of our kids since they could toddle helped with chores.  They all could pretty much cook by 4th grade.  In other words my husband and I  have never had to carry this family alone.  But we kept the control. In fact there is a written agenda for the week but not written by me.  I consulted.  Now new stage.  Wonderful stage.  Odd stage.  I am a guest at our family reunion!!  

Let the logistics begin!!

Who has the car keys to the rental car?

What time should we gather to go to the play– one of our crew had written and directed a local play.

Should we put the table on the lawn?  Big debate about pesticide sign on lawn.  (Why did the guys come this particular week?)

Where is dinner tonight?  Which house?  Who’s cooking?

We can.  We can’t.  Car seats determine decisions mobility.

Where’s the baby?

Where did the women all go?  (Shopping!)  What kid went with them?  Head count time.  

Who lost the RummyCube tile?

Where are the car keys?

Should we go to the Sea Dogs game if it drizzles?

My husband and I are still the default  positions for decisions and aesthetics (that’s be me).  And mostly out of respect for us.   but now,  I simply say, “Talk to your brother.”  “Talk to your sister.”   “You guys decide.”  

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?
Easy.  I didn’t want to.
Now I do.

I am the Matriarch!!


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