Wednesday, February 27th, 2013


My family may already think I am!
Yes I am a fan of Downton Abbey.  I tried to avoid it just like I tried (and managed) to never see The Titanic.  But I am addicted like the rest of the world.  I cry.  I always hate the first half when everything goes to hell, but am relieved when the resolution begins in the second half.  I wait for the plucking sounds of the string section to start.  Listen for it.  It means things will get better.

Anyway, I ask people which character they identify with.  It’s like a Rorschach test.
Much to my surprise I identifiy with the Dowager.
I would prefer to be the wife of Lord Grantham.
But I am beginning to want to say and do what I want to say and do and get away with it because I am the Dowager!!
And I am fierce about wanting to protect my family and to hand down things–like pots and pans and photos and recipes and family traditions and values.
And to be waited on a little and revered too.
And not to care if I am dreaded a little and made fun of as well.
And to say my wisdom and maneuver if need be to make things right—to my thinking.
Positional power in the home!
I’ve had it in the work place. How nice to have it at home.

I think I need a cane.


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