Monday, February 11th, 2013


The weirder we are the better, the more interesting, the more fully defined, the more freely expressed.
I just love the odd details that make people unique (and perhaps neurotic and crazy but soooo?)
You know what really makes me laugh when I think about it?
One person’s idosyncrasies are another person’s pet peeves!!
That works so perfectly to keep us all driving one another nuts!

I love the number 11:11.  Whenever I see it, I know something good will happen.  I’ll take a picture and share it.

I won’t eat tomatoes in a salad.

I always read three or more books at the same time.

I would like to abolish chewing gum.

I hate to touch buttons–like in a bowl!!!

When I want order but don’t want to create it, I make myself touch ten things and see if it catapults me into action.  They can be reeeaaaalllly small.  Put knife away.  Put lid on mustard.  Hang up towel.
Either it gets me going or kills enough guilt to make doing something else ok.

Red licorice makes me think better.  So true.  Try a chew.

I love ice cubes.  They can make my day.

Whenever I start work, a song usually comes to me that is apropos to the situation.  Enough so, that if I dare to sing it out loud, it is usually very very wrong to do.  Like “Get a Job” for someone who lost theirs.  Or “Smile While Your Heart is Breaking” while doing grief counseling.  “Whenever I Feel Afraid I Sing a Happy Song” good for most occasions.

I get car key panic.  I can be at lunch and suddenly have to touch my car keys before I can go back to enjoying.

OK that is totally enough of my small crazies.
Tell me you have some too.


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