Monday, April 1st, 2013


There.  I said it.
Come on, it’s not as bad as bad fats, right?
I know.  I know.
We eat 10 million pounds of it a year.  And it triggers  hormonal chains of bad stuff.
I do  buy Stevia.  In fact, my daughter-in-law actually kissed me and said, “I love you” when she saw Stevia on my shelf.
But my oh my a little sugar can make the day or soothe a soul.
I’ve had quite the Winter.  Deaths, births, illness, loss.
And sugar has seen me through.
A donut a day keeps Hari-Kari away.
And I do mean a donut a day.
The donut shop right across from my gym led me to perdition–and salvation.
After working out!
I would sit and sigh and dunk my donut.
I switched to ice cream when the local ice cream stand opened for the Spring.
Soft serve (probably made with Crisco) with a hot fudge/strawberry combo topping.
Slurp, slurp sugaring my way to comfort.

And Easter was the culmination.
Lemon bars, See’s candy, Jelly beans.
Sated at last.

So I am coming off my addiction.
It’s time to scour my innards.
Life has begun to right itself.

But I am glad sugar was there for me
The comfort I needed could have been so much worse.


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